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Amanda Brooks
Amanda Brooks
Running Guru

Horizon 7.4 AT Review

Justin Mastine-Frost | Last Updated - Oct 1, 2020
Editor's Rating: 9.6 /10


With the launch of the Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill, it seems that Horizon Fitness is looking to nudge their way out of the entry-level treadmill space. The new model brings to the table a host of new features. First and foremost, Horizon Fitness is rolling out an all-new approach to interactive training on the 7.4 AT treadmill.


Rather than locking users into a specific set of programming (iFit and others), this new treadmill can integrate a wide range of online training programs including Studio, Daily Burn, Aaptiv, and Treo. Given the direction that the fitness world has been moving, and how much emphasis is being put on this kind of in-home digital training, this is a genuinely clever on their part, and definitely sets the  Horizon 7.4 AT treadmill apart from the competition.


What We Like:

  • Extra large running track — Measuring 60 inches long and 22 inches wide, the running belt on the 7.4 AT treadmill is two inches wider than that of the 7.0 AT. This is great for taller and heavier runners.
  • Ortho-lite belt design — Horizon has further improved the damping of its running belt, allowing for variable running deck damping. The softer settings will help reduce strain on joints, and the harder setting will replicate real-world road running.
  • Bluetooth heart rate monitoring — Horizon Fitness includes a Bluetooth wireless chest strap with the purchase of the 7.4 AT treadmill.
  • Built-in Sprint 8 training program — High intensity interval training (HIIT) is all over the fitness space these days, and Horizon is one of few treadmill manufacturers integrating HIIT-specific training programs into their equipment. The Sprint 8 program is a more common (and quite effective) HIIT training program for runners.
  • Variety of training options — With the choice of four different running apps, you can choose the training style that best suits your goals.
  • Discounted training app rates — As part of their push for compatibility with a wide range of programs, Horizon is able to get its owners discounted rates on a variety of fitness training apps, upwards of 30% off in some cases.

Horizon 7.4 AT Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.8-stars
Motor:3.5 HP
Running Area:22"x60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:325 LBS
Dimensions:76"" L x 37"" W x 63" H
Built-In Programs:10
What We Don’t Like:

  • Still requires a tablet — To take advantage of its clever app integration, you’ll have to use your own iPad or tablet rather than a screen integrated into the console.

From a hardware standpoint, the 7.4 AT treadmill steps things up a touch from the more affordable 7.0 AT, using a 3.5 continuous-duty horsepower motor and larger belt rollers than its sibling. This increased performance is more helpful in terms of longevity, as the treadmill has the same 12 mph top speed and 15-degree max incline as its more affordable counterpart.


That said, the new Horizon 7.4 AT does benefit from a more lengthy warranty. Unlike its siblings, this model gets a lifetime frame warranty, 5 years on its motor, and 2 years on parts. The next more affordable unit has a 3-year motor warranty and 1-year parts warranty, which is generally viewed as a bit sub-standard for the industry.


The motor of this treadmill also benefits from Horizon’s clever Rapid Sync Technology, which is designed to allow the motor to speed up and slow down faster than a conventional treadmill motor. When it comes to more standard running programs that isn’t a feature you’d naturally hunt for, but with the advent of interval training this technology is well worth having—more on that later.


About Sprint 8 Training:

Sprint 8 in its simplest form is a proprietary variation of HIIT derived by Johnson Health Tech—the parent company of Horizon Fitness. The 20-minute workout takes its users through a warm-up phase, followed by intense 30-second sprints broken up by 90-second active recovery periods before a final 2.5 minute cool-down. The brand claims that significant body fat loss can be achieved in as little as 8 weeks, based on running the Sprint 8 program 3 times per week. You can get more details here.


Our Verdict:

We were already a fan of the more affordable 7.0 AT treadmill from Horizon, and all told there’s a good bump in features on the 7.4 AT treadmill to justify its increased price of $1,499, versus $999. It doesn’t have the same slick touchscreen consoles found on treadmills from NordicTrack and others, but from a function, features, and build quality standpoint it still delivers ample value for an affordable entry price. All in all this is definitely an effective runners treadmill.